Get to Know More About Impressive Koenigsegg Performance and Hybrid Technology

June 29th, 2021 by

Getting behind the wheel of a Koenigsegg is an experience that simply cannot be matched by anything else on the road today. Koenigsegg Denver in Highlands Ranch is the only dealer in Colorado where you can order a new Koenigsegg. The ultra-performance brand has pushed what is possible in a road-legal vehicle to the extreme with revolutionary technology. Take for example the Direct Drive system found on the Koenigsegg Regera. Foregoing a traditional gearbox, the powertrain allows for gears to be selected directly from the engine to the axles and thereby adds nearly instantaneous gear shifting capability.

Another aspect that most of the Koenigsegg lineup shares, to help them stand out from the competition, is their environmentally conscious set-up. The Regera and the Gemera redefine what hybrid technology is capable of in terms of performance. When drivers can get a megacar that is both better for the planet and outperforms virtually any traditional road-legal vehicle, there is something magical at work. The Regera and its hybrid powertrain generates an astonishing 1500 brake horsepower, while the four-seater Gemera reaches a staggering 1700 horsepower. Nothing else on the road in Colorado can match the sheer intensity of performance that these hybrid vehicles can achieve.

Koenigsegg Denver, located in Highlands Ranch, CO, is proud to be the only dealer in the state where you can order one of the scintillating models from the Koenigsegg lineup. If you are ready to step away from the average driving experience and get into the pinnacle of luxury and performance, visit our dealership today and speak with a member of our sales team to get your new vehicle ordered. Alternatively, you can easily reach us by phone at (303) 470-7000 to get your inquiries answered with the same level of professionalism as if you stepped into our location. See how a Koenigsegg can radically shift your idea of what a road-legal hybrid vehicle can be.

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