Koenigsegg Jesko Available to Order at Koenigsegg Denver

Koenigsegg Jesko

Koenigsegg Jesko / Jesko Absolut
BASE MSRP: from $3,000,000
Horsepower: 1280 (1600 on E85)

Get to Know the Koenigsegg Jesko and Jesko Absolut

The Jesko is a Koenigsegg model that emphasizes what true high-end speed and precision can feel like. An engine that comes paired with a revolutionary transmission that omits a traditional gearbox creates a level of high performance other brands cannot hope to match. Treading the fine line between an exclusive track racer and a road-legal hypercar, the driver of the Koenigsegg Jesko will have an experience on the road that others can only dream of. Those who are looking for the ultimate racecourse titan will find the Jesko Absolut their preferred option as it is fine-tuned to excel in the high-speed environment of the track.

Koenigsegg Jesko Trims

Colorado Customers who are looking at the Jesko can choose between the version more suited for the road, or the track oriented Jesko Absolut. Both carry the incredible power and maneuverability that make the Jesko the pinnacle of excellence for hypercars. The rarified air that this vehicle sits in is showcased through its ability to incite feelings of splendor while cruising around town or at the local racetrack.    

Koenigsegg Jesko: MSRP from $3,000,000
Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut: MSRP from $3,000,000 


Sporting an immense 5.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine, both the Jesko and the Jesko Absolut are capable of generating excitement unlike any other sportscars or hypercars on the market. The engine has a roar that will cause others to instantly look in the direction of the vehicle as it zips by them with unprecedented agility. Boasting 1280 horsepower, taking on the racetrack in this vehicle is going to leave competitors in the rearview mirror exceptionally quickly. The Light Speed Transmission that accompanies the tremendous engine makes gear shifts virtually instantaneous for unparalleled acceleration capabilities. Foregoing the conventional gearbox setup for a transmission that places gears directly on the axles, this innovation is why Koenigsegg is considered a leader of the performance vehicle industry. To cater to achieving astounding times at the racetrack, the Jesko Absolut features a low-downforce tuned suspension that allows for more nimble handling at higher speeds around tight corners. 

Interior Features

Not only is the Jesko a titan of performance, but the interior will make drivers feel like they are in a proper high-end vehicle as well. The sport seating is encapsulated in a carbon fiber shell and fitted with memory foam that results in comfortable, yet lightweight, seats that occupants will enjoy being nestled into. The automatic climate control system keeps the interior at the ideal cruising temperature regardless of the weather outside. Both the Jesko and the Jesko Absolut greet their driver and passenger with a whole host of superb materials across the cabin. These include carbon fiber, Alcantara, and high-quality leather. An inductive phone charger helps take the hassle of fumbling with cords away and allows for convenient smartphone charging.  As for the Jesko Absolut, the interior is built to appeal to the racing enthusiast. The track-oriented version of the Jesko keeps things simpler to help reduce weight and even further improve acceleration for the best lap times possible.

Safety Features

Given that both the Jesko and the Jesko Absolut are built to feel right at home on the highway or the racetrack respectively, the suite of standard driver-assistance technology equipped helps keep the vehicles in check in virtually any situation. The Koenigsegg Electronic Stability system is the backbone of what keeps the driver in complete control of their vehicle while out and about. Whether the driver is taking on a slippery turn on the street or attempting to corner at higher speeds at the track to maintain their strong lap time, the KES ensures that the driver maintains control of their vehicle. Stopping performance in the Jesko matches its excellent acceleration capabilities. The carbon-ceramic brakes are bolstered by Sport ABS to ensure that drivers have confidence they will stop when they need to.  

Learn More About the Koenigsegg Jesko at Koenigsegg Denver

Drivers interested in learning more about the Jesko are invited to visit Koenigsegg Denver located in Highlands Ranch, CO. Our knowledgeable sales team is waiting to help answer your questions about the hypercar, including any information you might need about ordering. We are the exclusive new Koenigsegg dealer in the region and are proud to offer customers across Colorado and surrounding areas the ability to own an elite vehicle like the Jesko or Jesko Absolut.   


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(Photo Credit: Koenigsegg.com)